Australia's Exciting Next Gen.

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Australia's Exciting Next Gen.

Postby baggygreenmania » Thu May 10, 2018 1:47 am

Australian cricket's NEXT GEN is taking shape. For someone who has been watching and following cricket since the mid 70s.. I am heartened by the next crop of young players just off the Australian production line. I would normally keep this in the BaggyGreen thread but this is an exceptional new crop of talent. In my humble view, the best since Ponting, S Waugh, McGrath, Hayden and Warne came on the scene.

It is early days.. but the likes of Jason Sangha, David Grant, Lloyd Pope, Arjun Nair, Josh Philippe and Nick Winter have the basic talent to be as good as any from Australia's rich cricketing history. I also expect big things from Cameron Green, Dan Fallins, Param Uppal, Nathan McSweeney, Henry Thornton, Will Sutherland, Jonathan Merlo and Jack Edwards. I am fairly certain my fellow Aussie posters Mike and the absent Mick would agree. Perhaps even katto. Have your say.

2018 Male National Performance Squad: Jack Edwards (NSW), Cameron Green (WA), Ryan Hadley (NSW), Baxter Holt (NSW), Nathan McSweeney (QLD), Jonathan Merlo (VIC), Joshua Philippe (WA), Lloyd Pope (SA), Chad Sammut (NSW), Jake Weatherald (SA).

Spin Program: Michael Cormack (SA), Thomas Engelbrecht (ACT), Daniel Fallins (NSW), Matt Kuhnemann (QLD), Arjun Nair (NSW), Thomas O'Connell (SA), Jason Sangha (NSW), Param Uppal (NSW)

Pace Program: Zak Evans (VIC), David Grant (SA), Spencer Johnson (SA), Mickey Edwards (NSW), David Moody (WA), Jack Prestwidge (QLD), Will Sutherland (VIC), Henry Thornton (NSW), Nick Winter (SA)

Fielding and Wicketkeeping Program: Josh Inglis (WA), Matthew Gilkes (ACT), Austin Waugh (NSW), Lewin Maladay (QLD)