And now Gundappa Viswanath (Vishy)

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And now Gundappa Viswanath (Vishy)

Postby raja » Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:36 am

Article about Vishy.

I had two childhood heroes (amongst Indian cricketers).

Chandra (bowling) and Vishy (batting).

The first names on a scorecard I'd look for would be these two.

Vishy's Test average is 41-odd. It doesn't do justice to the quality of his batting. All too often he'd throw away his wicket, trying an extravagant square-cut. But many of his best innings were played when India's back was to to the wall (as it often was in those days). Gavaskar at the top of the order, and Vishy in the middle - these were the two we really depended on.

Vishy's batting was in a class of its own. He was small built, no power at all. So it was all about timing. Wristy shots.

Can't describe how I felt when #Vishy was batting. Or when he was dismissed. :(
No batsman´s dismissal upset me more than his. ... ath/277405