You cant make this up : Taleban English

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You cant make this up : Taleban English

Postby shourey » Tue May 18, 2010 1:14 am

People who follow PaK Media, are probably aware of Hamid Mir, the fanatic, rouble rouser on GEO TV , spewing hate at Hindus, India, Zionists, USA .
Hamid Mir is actually an anchor on Geo TV !

A audio tape is in circulation of Hamid Mir, talking to supposedly 2nd in command of Tehrik-e-Taleban, Pakistan , about Mr Khwaja. who was brutally murdered allegedly by the Taleban a few days ago. The audio tape precedes the murder. The tape is widely believed in Pakistan to be real and implicates Mr Hamid also.

So, Taleban, has now issued a denial, in a supposedly printed news release, in Hamid Mir's defense. It appears in today.\05\18\story_18-5-2010_pg1_3
The Taliban come to Hamid Mir’s aid

This is a press release from the Taliban Media Centre commenting on the fake audio tape issued by some secret agency of Pakistan. We are actively condumn the reliability of this tape since there was no conversatin like that in between us and Mr Hamid Mir. Althoug we have talked with many different persons of media. It is very often and there is no doubt that they are not involved with us. This is seems to be a conspiracy to destroy the reputation of Mujahideen and the brave people of this country who want to bring truth in front while revealing the dark faces of this nation.

Suppose, this audion tape can be accepted as a true one than it is also demanded that the video tapes of Shery Rehman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Salman Taseer should also be treated as the same degree. Since sexy pictures of Salman Taseer’s daughter and sons are on media so can any one tell the nation how a loose characterd person can be a governor of a province. What action should government agencies took? Why they are delaying?

Unfortunately the secret agenceis of Pakistan are directly opposing the nations benefits and try to sabotash the well repudiated personalities and institutions for the greater interst of their own.

(Unedited version )

The audio tape is in youtube and people who follow Pak affairs may like to hear it. The rot there runs deep.
The Hamid Mir and extrimist network audio can be followed here too.
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Re: You cant make this up : Taleban English

Postby bharathh » Tue May 18, 2010 2:29 pm

Zaid Hamid interviews are epic!

His comments are amazingly funny to listen to and the eye candy that interview him are fun to look at as well.