7 year old's take on education in india

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7 year old's take on education in india

Postby Going South » Sat May 16, 2015 4:09 pm

7-year-old boy from Bihar, Kumar Raj lambasting education system like no other; leaves Chief Minister Nitish Kumar speechless!
By Shikhar Jiwrajka @shikharjiwrajka

Ever wondered if a seven-year-old kid could trash the existing paralysis in our education system? If not, then this video will surely give you goosebumps seeing a school boy doing the exact same. How bravely did the seven-year boy spelt the truth out in front of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Listening to the eye-opening facts by a small kid, Kumar was visibly speechless!

This 4-minute-video shows a kid explaining the ills that exist in our laggard education system. How easily the small kid explains his point of the difference between private schools and government schools. The boy delivered the address at a Chaurasia-caste organised function where he was randomly picked among the crowd.

“There are two types of education in our country, one for poor and one for those rich people who enroll themselves in private schools,” says the kid while beginning his short speech. The way he ends the speech and the expression on Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s face will make you realize what has been the scenario of education in our country.
He questions the need for reservation system in india. :clap;
The kid also said that he aspires to be the Prime Minister of India once he grows up.

Watch full video of how a seven-year-old raise questions to which not many have answers.

http://us.india.com/news/india/watch-7- ... ss-386086/

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Re: 7 year old's take on education in india

Postby GpeL » Sat May 16, 2015 8:38 pm

Sure has been trained well.. and has the balls to deliver. Kudos boy..

The expressions on Nitish are priceless.. and at times can be called incredulous