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UAE looking for 30-50% of the Stadium with Spectators In IPL 2020

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 2:55 pm
by Harmer
IPL 2020: UAE board looking to fill '30-50%' of the stadiums with spectator


The Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) is hopeful of getting the government's clearance to fill 30-50 % of the stadiums with spectators for IPL 2020, which is scheduled to be held in the country from September 19 to November 10.

"We will definitely want our people to experience this prestigious event but it is totally the government's decision," UAE board secretary Mubashshir Usmani told PTI. "For most events here, the number ranges from 30 to 50% capacity, we are looking at a similar number. We are hopeful of getting our government's approval on that."

Currently, the UAE has just over 6200 active cases of Covid-19, and Usmani believed that it would reduce further by the time the IPL gets underway.

"The UAE government has been very efficient in bringing down the case numbers," he said. We are almost living a normal life with certain rules and protocols to be followed. And with the IPL still some time way, we will be in an even better place than what it is right now