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Bharathh Presents...

Postby Shalini » Sun Feb 07, 2010 9:25 am

Original post: 1st February 2008:


Music in a way acts as milestones in my life. Whenever I think back to something that happened to me or events that changed my life so far, I can associate it to a song.

Listening to those songs again makes me reminisce about the people that I have met, loved, lost and found again thus far. I would like to share some of those songs that make me remember my past.

I was a very sick child until I was about 5 years old. My mother used to tell me that she used to be in a constant state of worry that I would die. However thanks to the love and devotion of my parents I stuck it out through those rough times. I don't really remember much about those days. However I do recollect one song that still makes me smile when I hear it now.

The song is from a movie called Masoom. I saw it much later in life when I was able to appreicate the movie for its worth. It is possibly one of the best Hindi movies made during that time.

Masoom - Lakdi ki kaati

I wasn't much of a movie or song buff when I was a kid. The only things I was passionate about at that time was playing cricket with the other kids in the neighbourhood, watching cartoons from 8-9am on Sunday mornings, and reading books by Enid Blyton. However I was known to have a very good singing voice. My mother who was schooled in a convent loved to teach me songs that she had sung in her school choir.... something that I utilized to good effect. I won numerous singing contests with this song that I still love today.

Peter And Gordon - Five Hundred Miles

The first movie I remember watching is Nayagan. It is said to be inspired by the true life story of a south indian don in Bombay. It is also loosely inspired by the Godfather movies. The songs of this movie were extremely popular. I remember my entire childhood in Madras thanks to the songs from this movie.

The following song is a peppy number from the movie that still makes me remember the time my grandfather made me sit on the front of his bicycle and rode me up and down the street. I remember how excited I was sitting in front of the bike hanging on to the handlebars for my dear life. I still remember the shop whose radio had this song on at full blast. Of course I wasn't allowed to watch this song. I think my mother forwarded this song when we were watching the movie.

Nayagan - Nila adu vanathu mela

My mother was a very big fan of English songs. She loved listening to songs that my dad recorded on video cassettes from his trips abroad. I loved this song the first time I heard it. I tried singing this but it didn't really sound the same coming from a 7 yr old boy.

Elton John - I guess that's why they call it the blues

When I was ten we moved away from my beloved Madras to Delhi. It took me a while to get used to people talking in Hindi. I had learnt hindi in school, but it counted for naught here in Delhi. Before we moved into our own apartment we stayed with my dad's uncle. My aunt who was in high school at the time was besotted with the songs of the movie Maine Pyar Kiya. Since I liked my aunt a lot, she used to force me to listen to the songs of that movie over and over again. Somehow after hearing it a few hundred times I just kind of got used to listening to them and started liking them as well!

I remember the first time I had gone to Appu Ghar (India's first amusement park) when I listen to these songs. There was a Dragon rollercoaster that went around at a decent speed a couple of times which was like heaven to me! The highlight of my trip though was being allowed to buy some bubble making mix from a hawker outside. Blowing bubbles seemed to be the greatest thing in the world at the time.

The following song is a shameless remake of I just called by Stevie Wonder... but it sounds good in Hindi as well.

Maine Pyar Kiya - Aate Jaate

This song from Roja is one of my all time favorite songs. It was one of A.R Rehman's biggest hits. Lovely song set in a beautiful background. This movie was dubbed in Hindi as well and did quite well thanks to the fantastic songs in its score.

Roja - Pudhu vellai mazhai

Once I got to middle school I fell in love with English music again. Being a teenager I used to make it a point to stay current with the latest pop scene. This also happened to coincide with the first time an FM radio station had a non-indian song countdown. I remember this song was HUGE among the teenagers at the time. At least the teenagers in Delhi and Bombay.

2 Unlimited - No limits

They still play this song at sports events. Awesome FAST foot-tapping tune :)

Of course they had a hindi song countdown as well. This song reigned the charts for a long time.

Hum hain rahi pyar ke - Ghungat ke aad se

My dad shifted to Colombo in 1994 and we moved there with him. Here they hardly played any Hindi songs. So I started listening exclusively to Tamil and English songs.

Colombo had some amazing radio stations (that I still occasionally tune into nowadays) that played awesome songs. They had some wonderful programs. I preferred listening to the radio to watching tv in Sri Lanka.

My mom used to watch a lot of tamil programming so I kept abreast of my Tamil songs as well. This song was big in my school at the time. All the cool kids used to listened to Michael learns to rock

Michael Learns to Rock - That's why

We used to make long trips back home to Madras during our soujourn in Colombo. My mom, sister and I used to spend a month or so in Madras. Then my dad would join us and we'd drive around. During these trips my mom would raid all the audio cassette shops so we can listen to songs. This song used to be a favorite on our trips. Another masterpiece from AR Rahman.

Karuthamma - Thenmerku

Later on in high school dance parties used to be big. We used to listen only to eurodance ... because that's what all cool kids did back then :)... unless of course it was Oasis. I can remember long school trips made listening to bands like Oasis, La Bouche and pretty much every other popular band of the time. I went to an International school... so English songs were the only songs we could all listen to.

Oasis - Wonderwall

First day of college ... the days when mp3s and chatting on ICQ was the coolest thing a person could do. I remember my ICQ list used to have 400-500 contacts that I used to chat with regularly! With the advent of Napster beta... we could copy songs like crazy. Space was no issue. After all we had computers with 4GB of hard drive space! :D

I remember listening to this song at someone else's place ... left me awestruck the first time I heard it.

Cheb Khalid - Aicha

Of course Napster then became commonplace... and I got hooked onto trance for a while. This is one of my fav trance songs. I used to love trance because they were the ultimate to listen to while coding. It was so easy to just keep them on and code for hours through the night for a morning submission.

Paul Van Dyk - Angel

I had lost touch with Indian songs when I did my undergraduation. When I went back for a visit I was re-introduced to it in a hurry. I fell in love with this tamil movie and all the songs from it. Like my aunt in Delhi I used to play the songs over and over again. I still love this song though. This movie was remade in hindi. Amazing song ... with fantastic visuals.

Alaipayuthey - Pachai Nirame

During grad school I used to live in a community with mostly hindi speaking people. I started listening to a lot of hindi songs again. One song that I still love today is from the movie Jism. I must say that the quality of hindi songs in the early 00's improved a great deal. Conversely there aren't too many tamil songs that I remember liking from this period. The following two songs remind me a lot of my grad school days. Cooking food for 6 ppl, working part-time in the cafeteria to pay for housing, cricket, late night drives to the beach, etc.

Sean Paul - Gimme the light

Jism - Jaadu hai nasha hai

I sang this to my wife the after I proposed to her. One of my favorites from my childhood.

John Denver - Annie's song

And of course I sang this song to her the night of our wedding reception. It's from the movie Bas ek pal. Lovely lyrics to a fantastic tune. I wish I could have sung it as well as the Atif, but I wasn't too shabby.

Atif aslam - Tere bin

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Re: Bharathh Presents...

Postby bharathh » Sun Feb 07, 2010 12:35 pm

I remember a song that I listened to while writing this thread.
Beautiful melody from Nickelback.

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Re: Bharathh Presents...

Postby GpeL » Sun Feb 07, 2010 1:35 pm

When I met manj, the song I sang was

Humen tum se pyaar kitnaa ye hum nahi jaante, magare jee nahi sakte tumhare bina..

Ironic :lmao: