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The Accidental Prime Minister

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 3:10 am
by GpeL
Accidental Prime Minister

What can I say. A complete rubbish.

Star cast: 

Manmohan Singh playing the role of Anupam Kher

Sonia Gandhi: Playing the role of a Gori

Rahul Gandhi playing the role of an perfect nitwit

Priyanka gandhi playing the role of an insufferable twit.

To begin with, manmohan singh forgot the role entirely and slipped into his earlier role of prime minister. But all his acts are dictated by the gori, even as a prime minister. In short, if we take Indira as the set example of a PM, manmohan cannot play that role also convincingly and ends up a puppet on a string. If you have seen karma, Anupam kher as Dr. Dang, you would see he made every one dance to his tunes including Sridevi and it took a load of bombs and 3 convicts to subdue him. But Manmohan Singh could not make sonia dance to a single item number.. think about it how can he then play Anupam Kher (I think Kiron Kher must tell us if Anupam is like Dr. Dang or that dadaji from saransh in real life).. Anotber gori stole our hearts with item numbers BEFORE item numbers were a must in bollywood. Remember Helen?

Could Sonia not emulate Helen and dance to:

Congressvaa congressva uu u uuu

Italy ko jab chalte hain

Augusta se hum milte hain

Mai aur tuuu....

Scam phata phat se nikla

Bank dollar se bhara

Desh dooba.. u uu

With ahmed patel playing the mandolin?

You wish. Nothing of that sort happens.

Rahul Gandhi could have taken a few lessons from Asrani of the angrezon ke jamane ka jailer. He does try I grant you that but being a born idiot, there wasn't much room for improvement try as much you may.

Priyanka could have tried being herself. A drunk over head tank scene a. la "kood jaaunga mar jaaunga" would have largely improved the general mood of the tired movie goers.

Laloo prasad has done a good job of soorma bhopali.

All in all nothing for the entertainment minded. If you want to see what went on behind the scenes of PMO During MMS as PM, a must watch.

Re: The Accidental Prime Minister

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 3:50 am
by Going South
I can imagine Sonia as a bar girl (the truth) doing Bollywood item song
Congressvaa congressvaa. Dancing around a pole.

Fits the bill perfect. I give 8/10 for anupam Kher as manmohan for acting skills. He is almost perfect.

PS: I am now watching American tv show AMSTERDAM where anupam kher acts as a “typical” stereotype Indian doctors you see all around the world. Superb acting indeed.

Re: The Accidental Prime Minister

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 4:35 am
by GpeL
Of course I loved the movie and anupam kher does a great job. I was pick8ng on congress