Biltong (not for observing hindi forum users)

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Biltong (not for observing hindi forum users)

Postby Paddles » Wed Mar 22, 2017 5:25 am

I love biltong. I use a dehydrator and am able to make biltong of a bought standard, if not better, my only issue is with the cutting of it. I end up using a knife and eating it chunky but I would prefer thinly sliced, but I don't have a modified skill saw that the shops use.

Has anyone mastered the making of chillibites, the chip version of biltong with a dehydrator? I am getting close and I think the issue that plagues me is my inability to slice thinly (don't have a bacon/ham slicer) and consistently as my blitong strips would of a good standard.

I am happy to share recipes. I regularly try different things, and have even made sirloin biltong
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