Demand finds supply

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Demand finds supply

Postby Going South » Thu Feb 02, 2017 5:20 pm

Man with 18.9 inch penis now gets an offer for a porn movie

Mexico City: Roberto Esquivel Cabrera astonished the world with his 18 inch penis which he claims is the longest in the world. While not being able to have sex due to a long member may seem like a terrible thing to many, but Cabrera was happy because of the macho reputation his penis got for him.

Hopeful that he might find a woman who’s more his size Roberto Cabrera also mentioned that he wanted to be a pornstar. It seems someone took notice since the 54-year-old has now been offered a role in a porn movie featuring doctors and nurses.

The man behind YouPorn has showed interest in working with Cabrera and has offered to fly him to Prague for shooting the film. He said that it would be a comical one with different nurses trying to have sex with him.

Cabrera has also been recognised as disabled by the Mexican government for not being able to work owing to his penis size, but the Guinness Book of World Records dismissed his claims.

Even though Cabrera is proud of his penis and has no plans of reducing the size, the medical community has urged him to reconsider since the size makes him vulnerable to health risks. ... movie.html