Ravi shastri in BCCI soap opera

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Ravi shastri in BCCI soap opera

Postby Going South » Wed Jul 06, 2016 2:28 pm

Ravi Shastri character to be killed off in ongoing season, say BCCI Scriptwriters

‘But has the potential to be revived, Jon Snow-like, later’

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Chennai, June 29: Confirming that the long-running character Ravi Shastri was being slowly killed and by this season finale ‘could be totally removed from the storyline’, the scriptwriters of the entertainment series BCCI have said that ‘as of now the character seems bereft of any potential for fresh drama’.

However, there was also speculation on social media platforms that the whole shindig surrounding the character’s extinction from the series may all be part of a carefully orchestrated larger drama to shore up the falling viewership ratings of the BCCI and the Ravi Shastri character can also be revived, Jon Snow-like, in future seasons.

“One thing about TV series like the BCCI and the Game of Thrones is that — pay careful attention here as we are revealing something core to writing screenplay for such TV shows — there is no need for any logic or sense. Any character can be killed at any point. More importantly, the same can be brought back to life any moment,” the scriptwriters said. “Viewers and voters are same — it doesn’t take much to cheat them”, they added, giving out more insights into the industry.

Of course, the potential killing of Ravi Shastri character in the series may not be much of a surprise for the viewers as there has been enough indications for the same in the way the plot has unfolded this season. The character has just been eased out of many of its roles, including the main one of being the mentor of sorts for the army that fights under the BCCI badge.

Initially, there was much fanfare and interesting theatrics surrounding on how the Ravi Shastri character evolved in the BCCI series. Starting off as a simple foot-soldier, the character, by the dint of its perseverance and dogged spirit, grew up in the ranks and evolved to the top position. But the thing about the character is that there was not one particular shade to it. On occasions, it was determinedly dour. And on another, it was aggressive and cunning on the battle front. It was also luridly fun-loving, not averse to frolic flings.

After it gave up the arms, the Ravi Shastri character was developed into the voice of the BCCI, opining on its behalf and also generally defending the indefensible, a position that the BCCI often found itself in. It was here that the Ravi Shastri character came into its own and developed its now famous tone of bluster and braggadocio, easily identifiable in the background whenever the BCCI army triumphed on the warfront. The character slowly began to get larger than life and even normal words uttered came as though they were bellowed through a megaphone.

“We were no longer in control. the character started to take itself too seriously and play a role beyond that was imagined through the script,” confess the writers of the series. “The popular joust with a rival character Nasser Hussain, though made for riveting television, was also revealing of the character’s chest-thumping belligerence and naked jingoism. It served the BCCI’s plot. But the viewers were getting cynical and disillusioned,” add the scriptwriters.

And when the BCCI series went in for cheap thrills through what was essentially a deus ex machina, the IPL, the Ravi Shastri character began to come across as its voluble impresario. Though the character was coming across as loud and crude, and its lines a series of unimaginative cliches, people kind of lived with it.

And then, out of the blue, the character was further put in charge of being the mentor of the BCCI’s army, a trait that the character was never hinted to have possessed by the writers of the series. It also made it clear that in the BCCI series, anything can be contrived to anything else. Plot twist were no longer a surprise, but the norm. It is when the series began to lose its popular appeal. Also, Ravi Shastri character lost its sheen and was began to be seen as a brassy, abrasive has-been.

In the event, the scriptwriters say that by the season finale the character will be elbowed out completely. “But we reiterate, nobody can write off any character. more so Ravi Shastri’s. More surprise may be in store by the time the next season arrives,” they concluded ambiguously.

The BCCI show, one of the longest-running series, has in the last two seasons run into several problems, and viewers, both here and abroad, have consistently felt shortchanged by the unexpected plot twists and contrived happenings. But as long as the moolah is flowing, the BCCI show will go on — dishing out the same stuff albeit with different characters.

(Originally published in Crank’s Corner)

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