A thought..

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A thought..

Postby GpeL » Sun Mar 27, 2016 3:59 am

Well I am going to be a little inactive for a bit.. so rejoice folks (can I hear a few breath a sigh of relief) but then a thought occurred in my head.

Bumrah really is retarded. He is being portrayed as the next best thing since kapil dev, kishore kumar and madhubala with a tinch of Lasit Malinga thrown in, but he is none of those at all.. He just can bowl an occational yorker length (not yorker) and the rest full toss/overpitched.. he will become the favorite punch bag soon. As for his action, I confess, I have not had the privilege of watching him yet..

As for dhoni.. he has become one of those with his head deep up his bunghole lately. I am a big fan of him but that does not mean I will applaud his idiocies. He has taken the captain cool tag a tad too seriously. He NEVER shows any kind of emotions to the game result at all.. I mean it is one thing being cool and composed ON the field.. but off the field you must show a bit of happiness/annoyance at the players' performance (and not at the reporters/media)..

What kind of answer is that 'You did not like our win'...

Shit win.. bloody fool.. it was against BANGALADESH YOU FOOL and that after bleeding rectally till the last over. Why behave like you just captured hitler alive?

His stint with CSK and India Cements and all those crooks have really skewed his priorities and may be the adulation he gets has gotten into his head.

I have long been an advocate of the captain being OUT of the field.. i.e the captains/skipper should run the show from the pavilion.. the captain should be non playing. The players that way cannot get very "homey" with the bloke and also it gives the same perspective to the captain as the others watching the game (media, viewers, fan, selectors and the board), and above all the players on the field are not burdened with the strategy thingy.. they just "ACT" the orders. (the orders this day and age can be passed on to them via a secure wireless radio that sticks into their ears without bothering their on field activities and perhaps a few time outs (for genuine game sakes and not that strategic time out shit for advertisements) and proper rules in place as to how to invoke them (for example you cannot do that shit they do during NBA last minute time out nonsense of stopping clock and shit))..

Basically consider the stadium a chess board with the players the coins and the two captains moving the chess pieces kinds. The pieces themself do not think on their own.

Imagine Kapil being the skipper for India and Imran Khan running the game for Pakistan from the pavilions (feel free to imagine your choice of capt pairs and team pairs of course).. with the players being Dhoni and co and assridi and co on the field.. Kapil decides who fields where, who gets to bowl , who goes in to bat at what position and who hits out and who just holds his end.. sorts..captain thinks what to do and players do what captain thinks..

Of course captain should be free to search google and most importantly browse cricforum

What thinks..

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Re: A thought..

Postby raja » Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:58 am

Not used to a cricket-related thread from you. That too, one this long. :-)

I think there will always be a need for a captain ON the field, whatever you choose to call him. Decisions on field placing, bowling changes can technically be done from outside the field but are best done on the field, no? You get best sense of the game ON the field, not sitting in the pavilion.

For that matter, why not let Rameez Raja sitting in the commentary box decide what the field placing should be.

Or better still, like you suggest, google, check CF, see what Katto or Paddles suggest. I'd go with Katto - he's the more pessimistic guy. Paddles is too gung-ho about NZ. :-)

Or best, see what Misty Green suggests - and if you can decipher that, you deserve to be captain for life. :-)