SL-U-19 WC R/L Spinner

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SL-U-19 WC R/L Spinner

Postby GpeL » Wed Feb 03, 2016 4:53 am

There is this dude in U19 Mendis.. he bowls spin right hand as well as left hand (and bats at 3 apparently!)..

Now I am wondering is that legal to do.. can a bowler bowl with either hands at will or does he have to tell the ump what hand he is going to use to bowl?? I have not seen him change hands between overs (they just showed a side by side comparison of his action bowling left vs right and it is a mirror image) but wondering w.r.t to the rules.. Is it allowed?

well the commie just said.. he bowled left arm round and right arm round all in the SAME OVER. So it seems it is allowed!